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Revocable Living Trust Lawyer Denver, CO

A revocable living trust is a discreet manner of transferring assets or passing down property to your heirs without the expense, hassle, and public record of probate. Although the perception of a trust is that it’s only for families with substantial assets, the truth is that these legal protections can benefit even the most modest estate. A Denver, CO, revocable living trust lawyer from Legacy Law Group Colorado can draft an effective revocable living trust to protect certain assets and ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the future. We can also help you amend an existing trust if your life circumstances change.

Benefits Of A Revocable Living Trust

The chief benefit of a revocable living trust is that you can pass assets down to your chosen beneficiary after you pass away without going through probate or exposing the asset to estate taxes or the possibility of being sold off to settle debts owed by your estate. Revocable living trusts are also private, whereas probate transfers are a matter of public record.

The court involvement in managing and distributing your assets is minimal when you opt for a revocable living trust instead of writing a will. Plus, you minimize the chance will challenges or other estate disputes. You can revise a revocable trust at any point, should your situation change, or add other assets to the trust.

A revocable living trust can also benefit you, providing income you need late in life or avoiding a financial conservatorship over your assets. You’re more empowered with the trust than other types of estate planning documents, and our estate planning attorneys can show you how. You can benefit from the assets in the trust before you pass away and still provide income or a nest egg for your family after you pass.

Estate Planning Made Simple With A Denver Revocable Living Trust Lawyer

Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy, nor are trusts. If you wish to have control over your assets and reduce the tax burden for your heirs, then estate planning, including establishing a revocable living trust, is right for you.

Our legal team takes a thoughtful, personalized approach to estate planning. We look at your current financial picture and incorporate your goals when planning for the future. Our approach is holistic, and we get to know you and your desires for your family. We combine traditional approaches to estate planning with innovation, making recommendations to suit your needs, but ultimately, the decisions are yours. We help you navigate the complexities of Colorado probate and succession law, developing prudent solutions that can stand up in court.

Whether you need help drafting a revocable living trust or must change an existing one, contact a Denver, CO, revocable living trust lawyer from Legacy Law Group, Colorado. We help Mile High State families just like yours protect everything you’ve worked so hard for, and we can discuss your specific needs in your initial consultation.

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