Everyone breathes a sign of relief after signing an Estate Plan.
But as time passes, things change.

Your Assets

Whether you inherit a fortune, take out a new loan, retire, sell a home or business, buy a home or business, or change your investment portfolio, your plan should be adjusted accordingly.


If you get married, divorced, give birth or adopt, you want to make sure your estate plan properly reflects your current circumstances


The plan you recently signed matched your life and the law as of one year ago, but things change. If you outgrow your plan, you want to help you ensure your plan continues to work when your family needs it most.

Client Care Program Benefits & What They Means For You

Secure Online Client Vault for Documents

Enjoy secure online access to all your estate planning documents 24/7

50% or More Off Routine Updates & Amendments

Ensure that your plan is always up to date and that all assets are appropriately accounted for as your family and life grow and change

3-Year Refresh of Financial Power of Attorney

Because financial institutions might be difficult to deal with if a power of attorney is more than 3-5 years old, we’ll keep your document up-to-date every three years

Deeds or Refinance Packages

If you purchase or refinance real estate, we will prepare a complimentary deed or any other needed legal documents to properly fund the real estate to your trust and/or comply with lender requirements

Admission to Community Workshops and Events

You’re always welcome at any event we host, free of charge! At our workshops you learn about interesting topics from us and other professionals, refreshers on your estate plan, and other important things that may affect your plan

Last Will & Living Documents Package for College-Aged Through Age 24 and Family Members Age 65 and Older

We’ll prepare documents for your children and older family members to ensure you can help immediately in case of an emergency – instead of waiting on a probate court

Loyalty Discount Toward Other Future Legal Services

Receive a loyalty discount typically 20-50 % off legal services in the areas of estate administration, probate, and real estate. Discounted LLC/Corporate Structure reviews for your businesses

Post-Planning Attorney Access

Got a quick question? Free phone calls with our staff and paralegals.
Have an attorney level question? Free phone calls, emails or letters with an attorney.

Updates As You Acquire New Assets

  • Updates As You Acquire New Assets
  • Deed Into Trust for New Properties
  • Change of Beneficiary Form
  • Business Assignment to Trust
  • Promissory Note Assignment to Trust

We Know You Want To Feel Confident That You’ve Made The Right Choices.

At Legacy Law Group, we make sure the most important details of your planning are followed through on and your plan continues to work throughout your lifetime.
We understand you are busy, you are growing, you are planning for a life of prosperity and you value ease, convenience, and efficiency. You want to know you’ve made the best decisions for your family and that your plan will work when your loved ones need it most.
When you are a Client Care member, we will ensure your estate plan stays up to date and provide you with ongoing legal services to help create a real, tangible legacy for your loved ones. Not only will we help you pass on your money, but also your values, your insights, your stories and your experience – the truly valuable assets your loved one’s care about the most.

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Membership Fee

We want to make sure your plan works throughout your lifetime and give you affordable access to your personal lawyer throughout life before making any financial or legal decisions. Our Client Care Program will radically transform the way you make financial and legal decisions for your family going forward.
With our Client Care Program, the majority of the changes you need to make are covered with an affordable annual flat fee.
Our Promise: As long as you’re a Client Member, your rate will always be the same per year and your benefits will be locked in for the lifetime of your membership.

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Married couples


Single person


Legacy Law Group Client Care Program

The plan you recently signed matches your life and the law right now, but we know things change. If you outgrow your plan, then the planning documents we created for you will become out-of-date and will likely fail when your family needs them. Outdated estate plans are destined to fail!
We want to help you ensure your plan continues to work when your family needs it most.

Our Client Care Program is designed to keep you informed about various estate planning matters and changes through concierge access, quarterly newsletters and regular seminars. You’ll also be pleased to learn that this program includes a number of valuable services and substantial discounts on more advanced work.

Stay confident that your attorneys are in your corner, making sure your estate plan remains solid and up to date.

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Fee Schedule For Estate Plan Updates

Substantial Savings for Program Members!

Short-Term Guardianship $175 $350
Long-Term Guardianship $75 $150
Future-Born or Future-Adopted Child Update to Your Short-Term
Guardianship, Long-Term Guardianship,
HIPAA Release, Living Trust, and Last Will
$250 $500
Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of
Attorney, HIPAA Release, Living Will
$50 $100
Amendment to Last Will & Testament (“Codicil”) $250 $500
Routine Trust Amendment $250 $500
Complex Trust Amendment or Restatement Up to 50%
Depends on
Refinance Package for Trust- Owned Property $150
Deed Into Trust for New Properties $150
Change of Beneficiary Form $150
Business Assignment to Trust $150
Promissory Note Assignment to Trust $150

Call or Email Our Office with Your Questions
In Person Attorney Meeting to Discuss
Asset Changes, Trust Funding Questions,
Beneficiary Designations, and/or Update to Your Family Wealth Inventory
In-Person Attorney Meeting With You and Your Loved
Ones to Review Your Estate Plan, Answer Questions,
and Offer Preliminary Guidance


  • Scans of newly signed documents and updates to your secure online client vault, estate planning binder originals, and table of contents
  • Updates to your Estate Plan Summary, Emergency Wallet Cards, Instructions for Caregivers and Schools, Family Wealth Inventory, and/or Estate Plan Diagram
  • Recording of deeds (recording fees charged separately)
  • Shredding of revoked and outdated documents

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