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Matt Meuli

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Matt Meuli
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Attorney Matt Meuli’s estate planning practice focuses on helping families enhance their lives today and secure their futures for tomorrow.  He excels at guiding parents and grandparents through the often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to create plans that ensure the well-being of families and the accomplishment of cherished family goals.  His considerable legal expertise includes family protection, wealth preservation, and values-based planning for couples, planning strategies for unmarried couples and divorced individuals, and all aspects of estate administration.  Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or a blended one, just starting out or looking back on a life well lived, Matt will help you craft a plan to achieve your goals for your loved ones for today and years to come.

“Knowledge is learning from your own mistakes…wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others…”

This lesson Matt learned the hard way as a teenager as he was fortunate to have had grandparents set up a trust so his sisters and he could attend college. Unfortunately, this trust provided that he receive the principal amount when he turned 21 years old, still a very common way people write trusts today. Not being mature enough to handle this amount, Matt spent the money on what he only describes as “cool” stuff. Had that money remained in the trust, it would be worth over $225,000 today. He knows this amount because the same year that Matt received the money, he advised his sisters not to make the same mistake and to leave their principal in the trust. Fortunately for them, they listened to his advice. Matt now smiles when his children ask him why they do not have the “cool stuff” their cousins do. He tells them it is because he did not have an older brother from which to learn wisdom.

Matt believes that life is a journey and much of what we learn is in the traveling and not in the destination. Because of this, many of us should leave our values in addition to our valuables to the ones we love.  Estate planning is not about us.  It is about making the process for our loved ones with less court and less conflict.

Matt’s education includes an associate degree in accounting, a bachelor’s degree in finance, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming.  He is licensed to practice law in Colorado and Wyoming. He served as an Honorarium Professor for the University of Colorado at Denver in the Graduate School of Public Affairs.   He has also served as an instructor with the Colorado Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International in Social Studies, Business and Computers.

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