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Whether you are a young family starting out or have aging parents, knowing you have a plan in place will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Watch Anastasia talk about the importance of estate planning on Great Day Colorado.

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Wills and trusts are two of the most commonly used estate planning documents, and they form the foundation of most estate plans. While both documents are legal vehicles designed to distribute your assets to your loved ones upon your death, the way in which they work is quite different. Watch attorney Anastasia Fainberg discuss the difference between Wills and Trusts.

Being a parent means planning for your kids' future. This includes taking care of Estate Planning as well. Attorney Anastasia Fainberg discusses the importance of Estate Planning for families who have minor children. Who is going to take care of your minor children if you become incapacitated or die? This is a crucial question to review. 

The Importance of Estate Planning When You Have Minor Children

Estate Planning 101: Wills vs. Trusts

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