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Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in the Denver, CO


If you want to plan for your family’s financial security, having an estate plan is an excellent place to start.

A Denver estate planning attorney can help you prepare for the future by creating a will that is tailored to your specific needs, organizing all of your legal affairs, and making sure that your most important assets are protected in case you become incapacitated or pass away unexpectedly.

The average American dies without a written will in place – which means local authorities have to make decisions about their property based on what they know about the deceased’s wishes.

If no money has been set aside for funeral expenses, if there are outstanding debts, or if you have real estate holdings in multiple states , it can complicate things even more.

To avoid these problems, you need an experienced Denver family law attorney who can create a plan that works within the parameters of the law. You deserve a lawyer who’s well-versed in a variety of practice areas, including wills, trusts, and estate litigation.

Denver, CO Trusts & Estate Planning


As a resident of Denver, Colorado, you can use a trust to protect your assets, reduce taxes, achieve specific estate planning goals and avoid probate.

The most common form of trust is known as a revocable living trust. It’s designed to protect assets and make sure they’re held securely and that they reach the intended beneficiaries. It’s also important to note that living trusts don’t need to go through probate, which is good because it makes sure the beneficiaries access the assets faster.

It’s not necessarily hard to create a living trust, but you want to ensure that all potential legal issues are accounted for.

With an experienced trust attorney assisting you and your loved ones, you can create a holistic plan that addresses your goals, assets, and concerns in no time. Even better, unlike other law firms, at Legacy Law Group, we can help you tailor it to your specific situation with your unique legacy in mind.

Suppose you want to reduce the assets subject to estate taxes. In that case, your lawyer can help you create an irrevocable trust, another type of trust that removes certain assets from the estate to achieve lower taxes and eliminate the tax liability on the trust assets’ revenue.

No matter which option is right for you, the top-rated attorneys at our estate planning law firm will help you determine your best course of action and set a clear path forward.

Denver Trust and Estate Attorney


Setting up a trust in the Denver Metro area is a simple process that involves two steps. The first step comprises the drafting and signing of a trust agreement. This agreement usually specifies four things:

  • The person creating the trust (grantor)
  • The person tasked with managing it (trustee)
  • The individuals who will benefit from the trust assets (beneficiaries)
  • The circumstances under which trust distributions will be made


Here are the steps to set up a living trust in Denver, Colorado:

  1. Determine how you want the trust set up, including whether you wish to make a shared or individual trust and the assets you want to include.
  2. Choose the trustee and beneficiaries.
  3. Come up with a trust document.
  4. Sign the document in the presence of a notary public.
  5. Transfer the trust assets into the trust.

It’s not practical to set up a trust yourself. You need an experienced lawyer to take you through the process and give you the right advice to effortlessly achieve your estate planning goals.

When you entrust our law firm, you can rest assured that your family’s future lies in good hands. Contact our Greenwood Village or Windsor office by phone for more information on our trust and estate planning services.

Trusts and Wills Attorneys


When you set out to create an estate plan, you may assume that the plan will revolve around a will. However, estate plans centered on living trusts are often better when it comes to meeting their needs than the last will—although it’s usually best to choose both and allow the two to complement each other.

So, what’s the difference between a will and trust?

Trusts are gaining popularity in Denver because they bypass probate. This is important because it maintains privacy, averts the probate costs, and reduces its time to distribute the assets.

Secondly, wills usually take effect when the grantor passes away. Trusts, conversely, can take effect at any time.

Thirdly, trust provides a lot more control than a will. This may be very important, especially if you have concerns about how your beneficiaries will handle the assets you’re leaving them.

Unlike a will, which only dictates the specific assets t be shared and to whom, a living trust enables you to place distribution conditions to ensure everyone gets exactly what you want and protect the assets from being seized by creditors.

Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney Denver


When a grantor passes away, sometimes, the involved and interested parties may not play fair. When the trust is set up, the actions of certain people can influence the trust provisions.

As you know, the grantor maintains control of the assets in a revocable trust. They can act as the trustee or get another person to be the trustee. In an irrevocable trust, they give up control of the assets to the trustee, which means that this type of trust cannot be altered.

Even so, a beneficiary can be removed from a revocable trust or the beneficiary’s inheritance to be reduced. In such a situation, the affected person has the right to file trust litigation to obtain what is legally theirs. On the other hand, if the trustee fails to fulfill their duties in an irrevocable trust scenario, the beneficiaries can take legal action against them.

As you can imagine, such issues can get complicated, and that’s why you need a skilled trust and estate litigation lawyer in Denver, Colorado, to guide you through the trust administration, estate administration, and litigation process to help you achieve the best outcome.

Our Denver estate planning lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in not only wills and trusts but also:

  • powers of attorney;
  • estate tax law;
  • special needs planning;
  • real estate law;
  • business succession planning;
  • income tax planning; and
  • a wide range of other complex issues families and business owners face when navigating the nuances of estate litigation.

Probate And Estate Administration Attorney Denver, CO

When you make a will or trust, one of the provisions is often related to who will serve as your representative in the event of your death.

If no person has been named, it may be up to the court system to appoint someone. You want a smooth transition process so that assets are distributed accordingly after you pass away.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to get your estate planning and probate administration matters taken care of with an attorney who has the tools, knowledge, and experience to execute all documents correctly.

As soon as you decide on a representative, our law firm can immediately administer your inheritance through probate court proceedings. Our team will also gather the necessary documentation and determine the proper steps to follow.

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If you or someone close to you requires assistance deciding whether or not to select a professional trustee and who to consider, talk to an experienced attorney in Denver.

At Legacy Law Group, we work closely with our clients to understand their short-term and long-term goals. Using that information, we craft a detailed estate plan designed to protect your family and your property through your lifetime and beyond.

Serving clients throughout Colorado and the Denver Metro area, our team remains committed to our clients and their family members for life by providing a complimentary estate plan review whenever their personal needs change.

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“My wife and I are very grateful for the careful explanation of the value of having our estate plan in place. Matt Meuli patiently answered all of our questions and made sure we had all the information we needed. We highly recommend Meuli Law Office for your estate planning needs. Now our beneficiaries will be in great hands and not have to struggle through so many unknowns.”

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“Matthew Meuli, Attorney/Counselor has been a friend of mine and Linda’s for the past four years. Matt and I met through Business Network International. At BNI Matt presented himself as a very qualified counselor for planning a trust. I had been a beneficiary of my mother’s trust and learned the value of a will versus a trust. We were able to set up the L&L Trust in an easy and understandable way with Matt’s professional help. As we have seen in the last two months life can change in a moment and having a trust in place gives us tremendous security.”

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“If you are looking for a Law group that is professional, attentive and covers every single detail of your estate planning then give Anastasia a call!”

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“When my father passed unexpectedly, it was surprising how much was involved. We had no idea what to do, where to go, how to find info that wasn’t written on his 1 page handwritten will. We will be forever grateful that we had Matt Meuli by our side showing us how to navigate through my father’s poorly prepared will. We have since set up a trust for our little ones and have no worries for those left behind. Matt thoroughly explained each part of the process in an easy to understand way. We now have peace of mind. Thank you Matt!”