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Legacy Law Group is a very helpful ally for small businesses. We aren’t only here to help you when you get into trouble. Our lawyers assist with everything from advising you on the correct structure for your business to succession planning. When you choose us for your business planning needs, you can be sure you will get exceptional service. Our services include:

Outside General Counsel

Legacy Law Group offers comprehensive outside general counsel services to small businesses. If you understand the benefit of having consistent legal advice from a business attorney but you can’t afford in-house counsel, our attorneys provide the solutions you need. We help to ensure that your business has the right foundation for maximum growth and minimal risk.

With our outside general counsel services, you will be better able to design and implement solid plans to reduce personal liability, retain talented employees, and secure income tax deductions while limiting tax obligations. We even offer advice on succession planning. When you sign a contract with us, you sign up for strong business support. Whether you have an established business or a startup, we take an integrated approach which includes legal, financial, insurance and tax planning assistance.

Our family business lawyers will ensure any plan incorporates the values and belief systems that are important to your family business. Since we know you have other trusted professionals on your team, we make sure we draw on their expertise so you have the strongest support possible.

Our fees and packages are structured in such a way that we are invested in the success of your small business. We have incentives to offer efficient, effective outside general counsel services which will help your business to grow.

Business Setup and Maintenance

Before you are setting up your business, our lawyers will get to know you and learn about what is important to you. We want to learn what your long-term goals are for the business. This will help us give you the right advice when it comes to your business formation and the steps beyond it. The things that you do during your business formation now will set the stage for the success or failure later on. Working with a business attorney from Legacy Law Group can help you take the right steps.

Our small business lawyers will ask you about several things relating to your business including:

  • What type of entity you will need
  • How to set up your bank accounts
  • What type of insurance you will need
  • How to choose and work with a CPA

Contract Drafting and Review/Analysis

Our contract lawyer can also help you make sure that your business documents are up to date. Here at Legacy Law Group, our contract attorneys will make sure that you, the client, are comfortable with any agreements and contracts as well as ensure that your documents are legally binding. In addition, we will give you advice if you think a contract you have entered has been broken. And if you need to get out of an agreement, a contract lawyer can help you with that as well. Another service that a contract attorney can offer is a checklist for reviewing your agreement after you draft it. No matter what your agreement is about, our contract lawyers will ensure that you understand it.

LIFT Foundation Audit

Legacy Law Group is selective about the clients we work with.  Each client’s business receives personalized attention, and our attorneys only work with businesses we love.  If you’d like to apply to work with us, start here by requesting an appointment and submitting the LIFT Foundation Audit.

The LIFT Foundation Audit is designed to help our law firm understand where your business is now, where it’s going in the future, and what the gaps are that could keep you from getting there.  If you qualify for a complete audit, our family business lawyers will take you through the audit process; create a plan to fill the gaps in your business so your time, energy and money stop leaking out of the business; and then proactively manage your business legal affairs for the growth of your business.

Complete the form the best you can and return it to us in advance of our appointment so that we can have the most productive time together during our LIFT Foundation Audit meeting.

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