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Elder Law Attorney Denver, Colorado: Advocating for the Rights of CO’s Seniors


If you are facing an elder law issue, an elder law attorney in Denver, Colorado, can help you and your family navigate the landscape of aging.


Elder Law Attorney in Denver Serving Clients in Fort Collins and Denver and the Surrounding Area


Elder Law Attorney in Denver Serving Clients in Fort Collins and Denver and the Surrounding AreaYou deserve to enjoy your golden years unburdened with worries about incapacity, public benefits, and long-term care. Your plan should focus on your care and protection as you advance in age. That is why you need an elder law attorney to ensure everything is in check for your future.

The laws that govern the elderly are fairly complex, and they vary from state to state, Colorado included. As you navigate the complicated landscape of retirement and aging, having a highly-skilled elder law lawyer on your side can protect you from being exposed to legal jeopardy. When you turn to Legacy Law Group, you will find exactly that.


Trusted Elder Law Attorneys for Estate Planning & More

At Legacy Law Group, we believe that your investment in your estate plan should last your lifetime and work when you need it. Your plan should focus on your care and protection as you advance in age. Your plan is more than simply preparing for the end and the legacy you wish to leave, it is your preparation for the care that may be required before the end. Our focus of elder law and elder care is on your needs as you change and evolve with age.

Legacy Law Group feels honored to be your guide and to serve you by assisting your planning for your golden years. Part of our process includes reviewing your estate plan every few years, so we are able to guide you through the process.

The practical and legal disabilities with the aging process can seem overwhelming. You deserve to enjoy your later years unburdened with worries about incapacity, long-term care and public benefits like Medicare and Medicaid. Your attorney should be passionate about helping you with these issues.

There is a lot of incorrect information out there about Medicaid rules, how assets can be protected, and what happens to a Medicaid recipient’s assets when they die. We help ensure families are informed and knowledgeable of their options. We can assist you and your family in either preparing in advance for long-term care or helping once a loved one has entered a nursing facility, assisted living, or is receiving care at home.

The reality is that estate planning and preparation for long-term care are growing necessities for Americans, and our team is ready to serve you by helping you plan for your golden years. We are ready to guide you through the process. Our goal is to make a difference in your life. By calling the office, you can determine if our services are right for you and what to expect when meeting with us.

Our strategy is to help you anticipate the costs, prepare for your needs, and help you determine the path forward to best prepare for your golden years. We help you navigate the bureaucracy of government programs that may serve to benefit you as well, including Medicaid, Medicare, and VA Pension to include Aid & Attendance.

Elder Law Attorney Services


Elder Law Attorney ServicesSince elder law attorneys advocate for seniors and their loved ones, they handle a wide range of financial and legal matters that affect aging Americans. Here is a list of things an elder law attorney can help you with:

  • An elder law lawyer with estate planning experience can help the elderly with their wills and trusts. They discuss and prepare the will on their behalf.
  • They help by determining a way to pay for any long-term care such as Private Duty Home Care and nursing homes if the need arises.
  • Elder law attorneys offer guidance and counseling on the distribution of both private and public retirement benefits as well as pension funds.
  • They also help their clients and their families make very emotional and challenging decisions that concern the senior — for instance, decisions that relate to the end of life of the elder or their health care.
  • They also protect their clients against elder financial abuse (also called financial exploitation) and other forms of elder abuse, assisting in taking legal action if such abuse is suspected.
  • Elder law lawyers help with disability planning, which includes using durable powers of lawyers, living wills, and living trusts for financial management decisions.
  • An elder law lawyer evaluates the senior’s needs related to Social Security, federal tax, and property laws.
  • They locate and explain nursing home resident rights to the elders and their families. They also have the power to file for nursing home claims.
  • They help with the selection of a legal guardian if circumstances impact the senior’s mental capacity.

Choosing Elder Law Attorney Denver: Smart Tips For Hiring the Best Elder Law Attorney


Choosing Elder Law Attorney Denver Smart Tips For Hiring Best Elder Law AttorneyFinding the right elder law attorney can seem daunting at first, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. When you know what to look for, selecting your attorney can be a breeze. Here are a few qualities to look for when searching for an elder law lawyer serving Denver’s senior community.



When it comes to the law, experience is everything. Choose an elder law lawyer here in Denver, Co, who has years of experience assisting seniors with their legal needs.

You want a lawyer with the know-how to navigate such legal issues and give sound legal advice when the need arises. For instance, if you need long-term care planning and estate planning, ask the prospective attorney to describe their experience concerning the matter.



Do not be fooled by those attorneys who say they are qualified elder law attorneys but who have little practical qualifications in the field of elder law. Be sure to ask for a state or national bar association certification for practice areas that affect the elderly. You can also look up the lawyer’s name or bar number to ensure they are licensed to practice law in Colorado.


Client Reviews and Feedback

The client reviews and feedback a lawyer has received is where all your doubts and questions will be answered. Reading the testimonies of other clients who have worked with the law firm or attorney can help you determine whether they are equipped to assist you with your elder law matter.



When choosing elder law attorneys, you want to find someone whose legal fees fall within your budget. Since they will be handling your assets, real estate, and finances, you want to work with someone who will not take advantage of your wealth and inflate their prices. Overall, it’s best to find someone whose fees balance quality and affordability.

Common Elder Law Issues Encountered by Denver’s Elderly


Elder Law Issues Common Elder Law Issues That The Elderly Of Denver EncounterAs elders age gracefully, they tend to find themselves dealing with a unique set of legal circumstances which can impact their retirement, healthcare, and financial situation. Here are some of the legal issues that affect seniors.


Long-Term Care Issues

Long-term care planning is focused on the prediction of and preparation for medical needs that come with advancing age. You need a strategy that assists you in attaining your desired degree and comfort of care and prepares you for the costs of such medical care. Why can’t you simply rely on your savings, health insurance, retirement, and Social Security? The answer is the high out of pocket costs for the growing needs of the elderly and the difficulty of navigating the existing government programs for assistance.


Special Needs Planning Issues

Some people’s disability prevents them from earning a sufficient living to afford health insurance and therefore must qualify for Medicaid and other government programs based on financial need. In Colorado, the Medicaid recipient will become disqualified for help if they have $2,001 in assets. Even a small gift or inheritance may disqualify a disabled child from receiving the medical attention they need.

Legacy Law Group can help you to legally protect assets to retain or obtain eligibility for these sometimes-life-giving benefits. We can also help you develop strategies to leave an inheritance or gift to a Special Needs child. A Special Needs Trust allows people to keep the benefit of their money and their public benefits. This allows the special needs child to supplement their public benefits to enhance their quality of life. Also, a Special Needs Trust may help when the person may not now qualify but, due to the nature of their injuries and their prognosis for future care, the person may outlive their money and may require need-based benefits in the future.


Social Security Issues

Because elders have been paying for Social Security their whole working life, it should theoretically be easy to claim this money. However, inefficiencies and bureaucracy have caused Social Security to be a challenge for many. Due to disputes over lost checks and eligibility regarding Social Security, one may need the help of elder law lawyers to figure things out and ensure you are compensated.


Will and Trusts Issues

Estate planning worries many elders. From drafting a perfect will to ensuring that money will be preserved for future generations, the process can feel quite overwhelming. Regardless of one’s age, having an estate plan is essential, and failure to do this may lead to high probate taxes and further cause property disputes among family members.


Real Property Issues

Naturally, after years of owning a home, an elder may wish to relocate or be forced to move. Since money will be involved, they may wish to sell their real property. Whatever their reasons for wanting to sell, there are legal issues that they may face during the process.

See Why We’re Among the Best Law Firms for Elder Law in Denver


See Why Were Among the Best Law Firms for Elder Law in DenverIt is every senior’s dream to utilize their retirement time to the fullest. You do not want to be spending this precious time scrambling to put your family assets and finances in order. The good news is that you don’t have to handle these matters alone — Legacy Law Group is ready to assist.

We help you and your loved ones prepare in advance for long-term care. Our main goal is to make a difference in your life and the lives of your family members, serving as your legacy planner and advisor for life. So, if you are looking for exceptional estate planning services here in Denver, CO, look no further than our law firm.


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At Legacy Law Group, we are committed to protecting the legacies of the Colorado families we serve. If you are looking for a trusted estate planning and elder law lawyer, please be sure to visit our law offices in Greenwood Village in the Denver Metro Area for a free consultation, where we will provide the answers to elder law FAQ and begin working on your estate plan.

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