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How Does a Trust Work for a Farm Family?

The trust is a very useful and flexible tool for estate planning, yet it is probably the most underused estate management technique. A trust is an artificial entity, something like a corporation, created by a document or instrument.

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Most Common Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines

While it may take a while for production to ramp up to the point where a vaccine is readily available to the general public, health experts say there is one thing that’s critical for people to understand before they roll up their sleeves for the shots: The vaccines may cause side effects.

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Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Many people plan their estates diligently, with input from legal, tax and financial professionals. Others plan earnestly but make mistakes that can potentially affect both the transfer and destiny of family wealth.

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Are Lower Prescription Drug Prices Coming Soon?

Medicare would tie what it pays for some medications administered in doctors’ offices to the lowest prices of these drugs in some overseas countries under one of two new regulations the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released on Friday.

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Your Job as Executor, Agent or Trustee

Has a family member or close friend asked you to serve as their executor, trustee or power of attorney? If you accepted the responsibility, do you know what this entails? Have you been given a copy of the documents you were named under? Do you know when you would begin serving in these roles? These are all important questions to ask or consider.

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